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Kenneth L. Aytch Jr.

Get Right!

Born and raised in Bronx, NY, it was a given that the love for music would come natural to Kenneth L. Aytch Jr., now known to the world as Get Right.

Get Right grew up watching his uncles have classic DJ Battles against the legendary Afrika Bambaataa at P.S.100 located directly across the street from his residence at the time. The love for music began there, but it was not until his Junior year of college where the love turned into an infatuation.

In 2001, DJ Get Right was created and in a short 6 months, he took over the town of Newburgh, New York. The word rapidly spread to nearby colleges and before he knew it, DJ Get Right was knocking down club doors all over the Upstate New York area. Close to graduating in 2004, DJ Get Right prepared for his return to the mecca of entertainment NEW YORK CITY. Already fluent in technology he was way advanced using a laptop to DJ at the time FUJITSU to be exact, creating his own way of doing things.

After graduating from Mount Saint Mary College with his Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Management he landed a job as an Assistant Office Manager, Get Right quickly learned that a career is not equivalent to a 9 to 5 position. He joined a promotion team called FLOSS INC. who in 2004 was on the rise to greatness in the NEW YORK CITY area but had not peaked at the time. Within 3 years Get Right became not only one of the highest ticket sellers in the entire promotion game but a partner and gained the inheritance of FLOSS INC. if anything was to ever happen to the CEO Eric Floss.

Taking FLOSS INC from an average 400 person capacity to an average 1200 person capacity may be enough for the average person but for Get Right it was merely a joke. It was not until that next year in 2007 when FLOSS INC packed 4,367 people in Roseland Ballroom. Get Right was able to not only grace the stage as a DJ but also be able to pay the other entertainers at the end of the night.

That night and that night only was when DJ Get Right finally understood his worth in entertainment worldwide. Within the next 5 years, DJ Get Right would step away from the party promotion game and lose the DJ on his name. It is now solely GET RIGHT. Never again will Get Right be labeled as just a DJ, but forever moving forward he will be recognized as an Executive.

Get Right is presently, one of the founders of HARLEM LANES RADIO, owner of 3 BayBee Lounge Daycare Centers, CEO of a rising management company GROGL Management & Entertainment (Get Right or Get Left), a father of 3 beautiful daughters, and a creative marketing guru tackling daily social media goals as well as playing the role of advisor to other small businesses.

The World knows GET RIGHT by name. If anyone were to sum up his career thus far in a few words, those words would be “The hustle of P. Diddy, the talents of Hype Williams, the creative mind of Tyler Perry, the heart of Oprah Winfrey with the hands of Picasso”; hence why he lives by the terms Get Right or Get Left. GROGLME - GROGL - GROGL APPAREL - The Real Get Right #groglme #grogl #groglapparel #groglmeapp #therealgetright - YouTube: 30 Frames A Second with Get Right and Gregg Lassiter (top left)  and Journey to Manhood - Emmy Award Winner - Charles E. Williams, Jr. Director (bottom left).