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Jamie Parker

Jamie Parker, a young American man with an inspirational success story. Born and raised in the Bronx by a single mother, Jamie refused to become another statistic; with hard work and determination he was able to beat the odds. Jamie graduated with a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Biology from Lehman College. As an athlete in college, Jamie understood the importance of maintaining a strong healthy foundation and utilized sports and exercise as fuel for the driving force of his mind. He brought home a championship ring for swimming and received numerous trophies and medals for track and basketball.

Jamie, a former researcher at Columbia University and Lehman College, is a published scientist working on his Ph.D. at the University of Akron. He has become a community activist, motivational speaker and mentor to the youth. While giving lectures at various schools on the importance of a good education and providing children and their parents with the proper tools and networks to seek it, Jamie realized that his success could motivate others to do the same.

Venturing out into the business world Jamie established his own watch company and came up with the concept of ME O’clock; A watch in which the word “ME” takes the place of the actual numbers; hence its always “ME” o’clock. While literally changing the face of time, Jamie uses Me O’clock to emphasize self-worth in the face of adversity; his watches are the motivational tool that serves as a constant reminder that it is always one’s time. He is a prime example that no matter one’s circumstance, through hard work and perseverance there is no limit to what one can achieve.

Me O’clock - TimePieces - Founded by Jamie Parker

MISSION: Me O’clock is a movement that emphasizes self-worth in the face of Adversity. It is a constant reminder that time is of the essence and in order to help and care for others you must make sure to take care of yourself first. It provides people of all ages and ethnicity with the motivation and willingness to accomplish their goals, pursue their dreams, and overcome any obstacles. In the process of doing for one’s self, one recognizes one’s value. One realizes how much one has to offer; thus, establishing the confidence and ability to evoke positive change and aid in the well-being of others. Me O’clock has and will continue to provide educational scholarship opportunities for various communities. It will serve as a foundation for individuals that want to better their circumstances; hence, creating future leaders for a better tomorrow.